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Lost in a world of whose existence nobody knows, Christina has almost given up on love…

After years of hard work in various academic postings around the globe, Christina has finally returned home: as a new lecturer at the University of Athens, she’s on her way to tenure and ready to settle down. Although the work is hard, she can finally make a home for herself, resume old friendships, maybe even fall in love… Kai, the new German researcher, has certainly set his sights on her, and her best friend Sara insists Christina should date him.

But frequently, of late, Christina is sucked into the world of Glow. Her drive diminishes, and as sleep eludes her more and more, she finds herself exhausted, unable to cope with her duties at work, and pulling back from social life. Is this real? Is it just a hallucination? And who is he–the man ready to fulfill her every carnal desire?

And can she stop before she gets lost in Glow, never to return?

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Deeper feelings, stronger desires, keener glimpses of what fills us with lust, novel sensations, unuttered cravings, elusive meanings.

Sensuality. Betrayal. Lust. Love. Romance. Marriage. Rejection. Disappointment. Love of self.

All this and more is explored in this literary erotic anthology, which will titillate your brain as well as your senses.

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Unromanceable. Un-fall-in-lovable. Unfuckable.

No wonder your husband barely ever spoke to you, much less touched you. No wonder why you never left this marriage. Who would want you? Certainly not your new American friend with the stunning blue eyes. Of course not. Affairs are for attractive women, after all, not for the likes of you.

And yet…

Until We Meet in Denver is a true story you’ll be thinking about long after you’ve read it.

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This is not your run-of-the-mill love story. It’s not frivolous or naive. No, this is mature, complicated, high-stakes, elating, sexy, agonizing, tantalizing, dramatic, exhilarating. It will titillate and make you think. It will not answer all your questions, but leave you craving more.

A psychological erotic drama for adult readers.

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Discovering kink in your late forties can be a challenge. A whole lifetime of repression to make up for and a new world to discover, on top of the challenges of a new relationship. As John and Stella’s worlds collide, it will take more than love and sexual compatibility to keep them together.

Switch is the sequel to A Natural but can be also read as a standalone.

Also available on Kindle Unlimited.