Politicians in Hell

Author: J.C. Paulk

Genre: Fiction, Humor, Satire

Type: Novel

Summary: Billiam finds himself in an even stranger myriad of Hell than the one before.  Here, politicians have a strange dress code, are obsessed with skin care, and are terrified of not voting.  He discovers a mystery when he meets a clockwork man.  It will become the most normal part of his entire day.

Why I liked it: Because, quite simply, it was good fun!

And now for the chatty part!

Humor is one of the ways we have to deal with stressful times. I picked up this book at a time when I was feeling depressed and really needed some levity. And it achieved its purpose: it made me chuckle and sometimes even laugh out loud, it lifted my spirits and lightened my mood. It took me with it in this bizarre flavour of Hell, where modesty norms are flipped around, leaving the reader to ponder how ridiculous our firmly held beliefs on propriety and modesty really are sometimes.

This is satire, and as such, it does have a target. I expect that J.C. Paulk will annoy some, especially those who take themselves too seriously, or those who feel comfortable with the current political establishment. And, let’s not forget, he has invented a Hell for vegans! That definitely merits some righteous indignation. But the book achieves its goal, which is to make you laugh and alleviate some of the anxiety many of us feel these days when watching the news.

The language flows nicely, and it becomes obvious early on that this text has been written by an intelligent person wit. I must admit that I figured out early on the secret of Dungaire ointment and the other Dungaire products, but it didn’t detract from the pleasure I got in reading this book.

Grammar, syntax, style: I’ve said it before: J.C. Paulk has a serious issue with commas, and a slightly less serious issue with apostrophes. I never thought it possible, but he managed to add another level of complexity to the it’s-its dilemma by inventing its’. By now, I think he’s just trolling us, and he’s doing all of it on purpose. Maybe he’s preparing us for Grammarians in Hell!

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