Setback Q and A

Am I well today? – No.

Am I really unwell? – Not sure.

When was the last time I was this unwell? – Sunday, June 6.

What did I do then? – I didn’t take the Lorazepam.

Is today better? – Yes.

In what way? – Didn’t cry all day. Didn’t spend the day in my bed. I’m slowly getting over it.

Do I know what triggered this? – Yes.

Can I avoid the trigger? – Yes.

Can I solve the actual problem? – I don’t know.

Can I just forget about it? – What do you think I’ve been trying to do?

Am I going to be okay? – Who the hell knows?

Just take a guess, will you? – I’m obviously going to find a way. I always find a way.

Will I have a beer? – I think I will.

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