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Versuchung (übersetzt aus dem englischen von Amelie Aichinger)
In the master bedroom (chapter from “Switch”)
The shower gel (erotic fantasy)
Vanilla (excerpt from “Takeover”)

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“That, my friends, is a great book.”Rebecca Hefner, author

Stella, a widowed scientist with a teenage son, never expected to find love again, at least not with John – a polite, respectable gentleman, newly arrived in Munich, who seems as tame and boring as they come. But his long-repressed kinky side is threatening to burst out uncontrolled, and a vicious divorce battle will bring the new relationship to the brink of destruction.

Content warning: Explicit language, sex, allusions to sexual violence

“This is erotic literature, well written, powerful, passionate, intriguing.”David Pipe, author

“If Ms. Austen had been a contemporary writer this is how she’d have written.”Barbara Schnell, author